• Rule 1:

    This is a gamer's guild, not the real world. We want to play Guild Wars 1&2 together.
    Everyone is expected to be a little bit more than just a fair person towards his guild mates. Give more than you take, be helpful and generous, invite people to join you playing, never exclude, outcast, look down or laugh at your guild mates.

  • Rule 2:

    Everyone is expected to be nice. The benchmark is however how the others see it. If you find a guildmates action not nice, you are supposed to tell him that immediately.

  • Rule 3:

    It's in the nature of a conflict that one side will loose if no compromise can be found. We could try to make a rule book, but I believe it's better that you try to solve things yourself, ask a friend to help you if needed and in the worst case escalate it to the leadership who will then take an arbitrary decision.

  • Rule 4:

    Membership levels.
    To protect the community there are several kinds of memberships and with that different access and control rights ingame, in the forum and on Teamspeak.

  • Rule 5:

    Grammar & abbreviations.
    C4|\| Y0u r34d 7|-|15? Well, a lot of people can't. If you are a 1337 Ub3r M457er, please stay away, we actually like to be able to READ what people say here.
    Please take the time to go over your thread and make grammatical corrections so that your message is understandable. Oh My God I forgot a comma!!!! No Problem, but if you are specifically being lazy an ur messag coms oowt lik ths, you need to fix it.
    Abbreviations should be used scarcely. GW can mean Guild Wars or Global Warming. You might loose more time by explaining than by fully typing a word.

  • Rule 6:

    Forum registration and self introduction.
    You must register on the forum with an INGAME name of your Guild Wars 2 account. Once you have done that you must post a self introduction to make it possible for everyone to recognise you and quickly find out who you are in the forum and ingame.

  • Rule 7:

    We will not tolerate flaming (shouting or derogatory comments), or excessive spamming (posting of useless messages). This does not mean you can't share an idea, or have a high post count, but please make sure all ideas are constructive and thought-over beforehand. Inappropriate behavior/links/pictures that are deemed to be beyond the limits of these guidelines will be deleted on sight, subjecting yourself to disciplinary action.

  • Rule 8:

    Avatars and Signatures.
    All avatars must be no larger than 100x100 pixels and signatures must be no larger than 100 pixels in height, and must not take attention away from your post. Your avatar and signature should be considered a personal mark, not something to grab attention away from the main message.

  • Rule 9:

    Derogatory comments regarding race, religion, political view, sexual orientation or other such topics will not be tolerated. Posts containing such material may be edited, or deleted depending on the severity of the violation.

  • Rule 10:

    Guild officers.
    They have the final say. This guild isn't a democracy. Your vote doesn't always count. They try to please everyone they can, but in the end, they're charged with making this community as enjoyable for as many people as they possibly can. They can not always be right, nor can they please everyone with the decisions made, but they're doing their "jobs" and hopefully we can all agree that they're doing their bests to ensure a good community here. If you feel that an egregious oversight has been made, then pm the leader(s). Do not post complaints on the forum.

  • Rule 11:

    There will be NO advertising on this forum, period. If you came here to advertise selling in-game items for real world money you will be banned on sight for life, no questions, period. There will be no trading of license codes of ANY kind, and no selling or trading of any kind of warez/hacks/pirated software, period.

  • Rule 12:

    We usually only accept members above 18 or that are friends/family of long term members. Your age is no excuse to break any of the rules above. We like mature, helpful members, so don't think that you being only 39 is going to make you immune!

  • Rule 13:

    As a forum of quality, we ask that you please limit profanity to "hell" and "damn." Anything beyond can, and most likely will, get edited. If it occurs again, say hello to a PM from the Mod Team.

  • Rule 14:

    Safety & Privacy.
    Yes Yes Yes you've heard this a billion times, but we ask that you limit the extent of information you give about yourself to your first name in real life and MAYBE a Picture once you have access to the Veterans area. NEVER give away your Address or Phone Number, or Social Security number. We want all of our members to have a safe and comfortable place to hang out. Be cautious and respectful of peoples privacy.