The Past

The Sword Of Justice guild [SOJ] was founded in January 2006 by real life friends.
We expanded constantly by recruiting the nicest and best players that came across our way in Guild Wars. In summer 2006 we welcomed "Die Schwarze Kralle" [SK] in our alliance. This turned out to be an unbelievably lucky strike. We became good friends, went through happy and bad times like a family. Step by step we discovered the game, waited for new extensions,... lived great adventures and collected many nice memories. In the PvE part of Guild Wars we have reached and done everything you can imagine. Explored the last inch of any corner in the game, beaten the hardest foes and helped each other getting the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title. In our best time in 2009 we had daily around 30 members online, several events organised weekly and a reserve guild to accommodate old friends that didn't play anymore. We mastered the game on the highest level, made it even harder just for the fun of it, e.g. by only allowing certain skills during special events. Even while grinding for titles we didnít get bored as we had each others company on Teamspeak and plenty of ideas to discuss or cheerful stuff to share on our forum in more than 30.000 postings. We built up friendships with people around the globe we would have never had the chance to meet in real life. Truly fantastic real life friendships were born. Some of us travelled around half of the planet to meet a good friend in Africa. It's truly unbelievable how far we have come. What a great time! Thank you so much for being part of it!

Unfortunately there is no light without shadow. We learned the hard way that itís a bad idea to appoint a PvP officer and we have been disappointed beyond belief by allies that merged with us, then left and looted us; suddenly, after being inactive for months. We have been deeply wounded by people that seemed to be true friends when they abruptly severed ties on a Sunday morning because they didnít like wearing our guild cape and turned down reconciliation offers slamming the door in our face for months.

The Future

The plan for GW2 is easy. Being in SOJ and play GW was great. Being in SOJ and play GW2 shall be awesome. The plan is to get every guild member involved into the guild life. We shall be an exclusive club of gamers that care about each other in the game and beyond. A gamers clan and a virtual family at the same time that plays games together on the highest and funniest level possible.