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PostPosted: 28 Jul 2017, 20:04
by AirBus
Hi all,
just wanted to play some fractals and it´s difficult to find a good and nice group, if i want to find out how to play the druid for fractals and even for raids perhaps.
So i tumbled into 4 ppl and for the first time the fracs in t3 and then in t4 were easy to finish.
Thought i didnt get the way how to play a healing druid.

I am 44
Ingame: AirBus.2859
GW1 i played too. Cant remember much despite running around with some fighting trees.
Played Diablo I and II, Company of Heroes: 1, online and 2.
Starcraft I; II was too boring, no big differnece
Halo Wars I and II (XBox)
First games were Donkey Kong like in 1986 on an XT, then AT PC. There i found the love for RPGs in playing Ultima I to VIII.
Installed the game 3 or 4 years ago in german and now i switched to english some months ago, so i have an idea what you are talking about in TS.
Doing maps together to fnish them and find all mastery points or hero points, if necessary for a char to play a special skilling. Finding all chests to get Herta or something like that. I am bad at Jumping Puzzles, but would like to do some of them.
I want to do all dungeons with a group, although i know, they are an old goal in the game.
Nearly never played PvP, never WvW, 2 Raids => a horror in 3 hours => now i know how to play the druid ^^

In TS wether i will talk a lot or silence you...

Re: AirBus´Application

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2017, 23:15
by Dion
Thank you for your application.

Someone (most likely me) will contact you ingame. :)

Re: AirBus´Application

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2017, 21:59
by magiclollyl
I can help you with Jumping Puzzles! I've completed them all and I think they're one of my favourite things to do in game! I'll bring my Mesmer too so you don't have to worry about falling ^-^

Re: AirBus´Application

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2017, 13:01
by AirBus
Hi Magiclollyl,
great suggestion. I will come back to you.
Sometimes during JPs i will mute for certain reasons my micro ;=)