Selw's application

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Selw's application

Postby Selw » 06 Jan 2017, 20:17


My name is Matjaž and I come from Slovenia in game I usually go with something starting with Sel or Selw. I’m 35 years old and I have started playing MMOs with Ultima online. After I played WOW, Elder scrols online, Guild wars 1, Star Wars TOR and Rift. In lot of those games I turned up leading raids and other events so I took a bit more casual approach with guild wars 2 since It usually ended up almost being a second job.

I’m playing GW2 since start with breaks here and there while waiting for the updates. I have quite a few characters up to 80 but I main a guardian and elementalist. Since the start of the game my old guild disbanded and I’m now looking for a new place to call home, It got boring always playing alone or with few real life friends.

My expectations are to get a group of people that I can in time call friends to do events, dungeons and other ingame things together. I don’t mind helping others doing dungeons events etc. if they need help even if I already completed them.

I read your membership and community rules and they didn’t scare me… a lot :P. I am very fond of using voice chat since it leaves more time to play since you don’t have to type everything. and it makes events, raids etc. easier to manage. Was once in a position where i had to explain tactics for boss fights in chat… not fun and takes ages. So after reading your rules your guild sounded perfect, since I don’t want in a 1000 member guild when you don’t know most of the people.
I usually play in late afternoons/evening. I also have 2 siberian huskies which take some game time away from me, so If I don't respond I usually had to run out.

My account name is SELWGAR.5204. Hope to hear form you guys soon. My main two chars Seleen Elentaur and Valanthel Elentaur

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Re: Selw's application

Postby Olterin Fire » 07 Jan 2017, 16:25

Thank you for your application. One of our officers will try to contact you soon :)
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