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Membership Application

Postby Baruteku » 29 Jul 2016, 01:07

- My ingame name is BartoPL.5467
- I'm hitting 18 on 11 August.
- I played Guild Wars 2 since it was launched, but I'd quickly finished playing it because I didn't have any friends that would join me. After a one or two-year break I came back and found myself some in-game friends. We were playing together for some time but now they gave up playing and I am left alone. That made me look for a guild, because I'm more likely a social type of person. I've got four 80lvl characters. I main Engineer.
- I'm from Poland.
- My main goals are to get ascended gear and reach a high league in PvP season beginning on August 9.
- I expect nice atmosphere, talkative and helpful members and great time spent on guild missions or dungeons.
- My name is Bartosz (Polish "sz" is read like English "sh"). I'm a communicative, friendly guy who likes to play with the others. Mostly I play from the evening untill the time I go to sleep (that's mostly around 3AM) but at weekends or during the holidays I'm seen online more often than that. Describing myself is always a hassle for me, so I'll end at this point. Hopefully it's enough and my not full age isn't a problem neither.
I'm looking forward to a response with a hope that I'll be given a chance to join the guild.

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Re: Membership Application

Postby Dion » 29 Jul 2016, 14:05

Thank you for you application. :)
An officer will contact you ingame.
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