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Application Zevina

Postby Zevina » 22 Dec 2015, 20:44

- An ingame name to contact you: Zevina.9742

- Age i'm 32 years Young.

- Experience GW 1 and 2 or other online RPG: used to play GW1 from release, played it hardcore for about 4 years. After that my sails were raised in Age of Conan. Played that until Gw2 were released and here i am still :)

- Where are you from? I'm from Sweden, but i've moved to Norway to live with my girlfriend, that also is a gamer :D <3

- Goals My goal atm is to have fun, it's been really hard to find a Guild to have fun with, but i hope my search is over.

- Expectations I expect people to be fun and willing to do stuff together :)

- Self description Edjucated as a builder 2002, and still in the construction buisness. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fan, music makes my days awesome. Swedish icehockey is also my favorit sport of all. My Gw1 name used to be Epeisin The Monk for all of you that knew me from Before, and my real name is Fredrik :).

PS Already got invited to the Guild by Linda :) Cheers guys and see you in game.
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