Guildroster cleanup

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Guildroster cleanup

Postby Linda The Furious » 16 Nov 2015, 13:53

Hi all :)

Just a very short post to let you all know that I will be cleaning the guildroster in the coming weeks.
If you see people that are kicked from the guild this is why.

These are members that (almost) NEVER represent SOJ and/or have been a guest to the guild forever: never made an intro etc. As you all know we don't have a 100% representing rule in the guild, but for people who never play in/with SOJ it doesn't make sense to keep them in the roster.
Ofcourse everyone is welcome to re-apply to the guild.
I have all contacted these members and discussed the situation with them before they have been kicked (now or in the past).

God Of Dissilusion/aka Simon: He has joined a different guild and will not represent SOJ anymore.
ffrequenz/aka Fred: I have whispered him on many occasions. He says he has a storage guild and always forgets to represent SOJ afterwards. I have watched him closely in the past weeks and has never switched back to SOJ again and is therefore kicked.

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