Dani's Application

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Dani's Application

Postby Blanquefort » 17 Mar 2018, 22:46

Hello there o/

Well it was a long time since the last time i wrote an application to any communities , but here goes :)
-My in-game account name is DANI.4825 ( the forum name comes from my first character that i made who is now a firebrand ) and mostly i play and progress on my warrior Grandmaster Yoghurt ( story/main gearing target etc.).

-I'm 20 years old atm, will be celebrating my 21st birthday later on this year.

-I've been playing GW2 since 2015 and started playing it a little more actively/seriously about a year ago. Beforehand i only played on other smaller, free MMORPGs (such as 4Story/Metin2) and to be fair GW2 was my first bigger MMO.

-I'm from Hungary , living in the countrys capital city , Budapest.

-Personally i'm just about to reach one of my goals in GW2 which is to get a legendary weapon. Other than that i'm mostly aiming to not leave any characters behind gear/levelwise . So if i have to be honest i would say to make every one of my characters capable of running the end-game PvE contents such as Fractals(T4 and occasionally CMs) and Raids.

-I've only participated on the previous raid-friday , but i really enjoyed it, how the people were just leaned back and relaxed about the whole wing and i'm hoping that i'll have simular experiences with this guild later in the future. :)

-I would say i'm a pretty relaxed person that can get competitive when that attitude is needed. Also i like to help people where i could provide any good tips/knowledge to them that could be useful in the future for them in any scenarios. This also works vice-versa , i'm more than happy to take advice from people that know a questined subject more than i do . :)

Phew , i guess this would be all ^^

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Re: Dani's Application

Postby Dion » 18 Mar 2018, 02:35

Hey Dani. Thanks for your application. We already talked ingame. :)
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