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Postby Marcus » 10 Jul 2012, 19:36

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Which sword I hear you ask :fingerscratch Who is the sword? :fight We are! :oehyeah

Sword of Justice is a home for enthusiastic Guild Wars players, no matter where they come from.

+ Primary objective is fun and doing stuff together
+ we want to play together at a high but relaxed level
+ we have members from all over the English speaking world
+ we are looking for nice people willing to help each other and having fun playing the game
+ guild activities are scheduled on European evenings (UTC+1 time zone)
+ We are mainly focused on PVE but also play WvW and PvP.
+ most of us are on the Gunnar's Hold server but people from all other servers are welcome

that's what it´s all about.

Play Guild Wars?
SOJ provides for an environment where it is particularly easy to do things together with people you know and/or you can trust to a certain extent. This is an online multiplayer game and one major part of it is to play it with other people. Playing it alone may sometimes be an option but if you only play it with yourself or random people, you will make your ingame life unnecessarily hard and boring. The most rewarding way to play the game in my humble opinion is to form a guild team using our forum. Together you will master the most easy or most challenging task using TS to coordinate all the moves but also to chat in between about the future of our planet, your favourite movies, how your dog ate your last headset or the recipe of your favourite drink...

You will meet people you would have never had the chance to meet in the real world from right around the corner or from the other side of the globe. Joining a community has of course a social impact. Do not expect too much but also don't stay totally aside. In SOJ we encourage people to get to know each other while playing. Take your chance and chat a bit with your game mates.

How does it work?
This forum is basically the key as you can´t expect to shout in the guild channel and get a group of people to come with you to do whatever... Get yourself a good headset and join us on teamspeak. Even if it's not required for all of our activities, it makes your social and game experience a lot more enjoyable.

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