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How to register

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2012, 14:59
by Marcus
Step 1
Register with an INGAME name of your Guild Wars 2 account. That will make it easy for everyone to recognise you in the forum and ingame.

Step 2
Once you have clicked on the link in the email sent to you the application thread of the forum will be automatically opened for you.

Step 3
After you have posted the application the self introduction part of the forum will be automatically opened for you. Feel free to read there a bit to see who we are and be prepared for a guild officer to contact you. Once you have joined the guild, posted your self intro and checked that your ingame name corresponds to your forum name an guild commander or leader will unlock the rest of the forum for you.


Additional infos

In the old forum it was useful to include in the name the guild tag of the alliance you were from, in this forum that is not necessary. Thanks to all those that did that in the past. You are now free to remove that part from your name if you want. The forum limits avatar and signature sizes. You can make my life more bright by using nice looking avatars and signatures that are small and nice looking and not jumping into my face, or dancing, or exploding or shooting... :geekyface